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Commercial Integrated Security



When Phoenix businesses search for Integrated Security Systems, C & I Show Security Systems & Hardware provides client’s with the most complete integrated security systems and solutions in order to increase and/or maintain the security and integrity of your office, industrial complex, or campus. We use Mercury-based access control and provide high quality, skilled installations and maintenance.

We also offer maintenance services for integrated security systems, including:

Electronic Access Control

We offer a wide range and diverse selection of electronic access controls that allows you to constantly control and monitor who has access to your offices, facilities, and operations. When placed at your disposal you can enjoy peace of mind from the added benefit of being able to know who is entering your facilities and who is leaving them, as well as being provided with the time and duration of their visit. Not only can this be a control and monitoring feature for the building, but can be installed to monitor and control access to more sensitive areas even within the building itself. We feature the best of Honeywell Security Systems and electronic access control options.

Biometric Security Systems

Biometric access control systems provide the ultimate in individualized control. Removing the presence of keys, keycards or even number pads eliminates many ‘extra’ parts and can greatly streamline the movement through your facility. Facial, fingerprint, or iris identification systems are sleek, efficient and the most advanced technology available in commercial integrated security. Biometric security system benefits include:

  • Eliminates “sharing access” – No Pin Number for employees to give away or lose
  • Employees use their faces, eyes, or fingerprints only to gain access
  • Access is granted based on unique physical identifiers
  • Simple to administer on an individual basis
  • Integrates with most existing access control systems which you may already employ

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