When your searching for commercial access control systems in Phoenix, Tempe, or Prescott, C&I Show Hardware has the high quality card access systems and biometric access control systems you need for your property.  Restricting access to employees and authorized guests is a breeze with one of our access control systems.  We provide access control systems for a variety of property types including: offices, industrial complexes, campuses, and more.  We use Mercury-based access control and provide high quality, skilled installations and maintenance.

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We offer a wide range and diverse selection of electronic access controls that allows you to constantly control and monitor who has access to your offices, facilities, and operations. When placed at your disposal you can enjoy peace of mind from the added benefit of being able to know who is entering your facilities and who is leaving them, as well as being provided with the time and duration of their visit. Not only can this be a control and monitoring feature for the building, but can be installed to monitor and control access to more sensitive areas even within the building itself. We feature the best of Honeywell Security Systems and electronic access control options.

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Schlage® contactless smart credentials put you in control by delivering smarter solutions. These credentials protect your most sensitive data by utilizing extra layers of security protection, and can be used for many other applications including transit, cashless vending, and cafeteria point of sale.

Smart Credentials


Schlage® multi-technology readers are designed to simplify your access control solutions. Transition your system from proximity to smart card technology at your own pace without having to change out readers as new technologies are available. Schlage multi-technology readers use an open architecture platform designed to work with industry standards and common access control system interfaces. Multiple Schlage reader form factors are designed to fit a variety of placement needs, with an attractive modern design which will complement any facility’s architecture and décor.

Multi Technology Readers


Card access control systems use card readers to electronically read the access card. The most common type of card reader is the “insertion” type. Insertion card readers allow access by inserting the card into the card reader. There are also proximity card readers that allow access by holding the card within a proximity of the reader. C&I Show offers professional installation of commercial card access control systems.

Commercial Card Access Control Systems


Biometric access control uses eye scanners, fingerprint readers or hand geometry readers to allow access into your building. Biometric security readers cannot be transferred like keys, cards or number sequences can. The person being granted access must be physically present in order to gain access to your area or building. C&I Show offers professional installation of commercial biometric access control systems.

Commercial Biometric Access Control Systems


There are many benefits of commercial access control including:

  • Provide a safer environment for contractors, visitors and employees
  • Know who is in your building at all times
  • Control access to the most secure areas of your property
  • Control access to commercial fueling stations
  • Eliminates “sharing access” – No Pin Number for employees to give away or lose
  • Employees use their faces, eyes, or fingerprints only to gain access
  • Access is granted based on unique physical identifiers
  • Simple to administer on an individual basis
  • Integrates with most existing access control systems which you may already employ


Do I Need a Cloud-Based or “Hosted” Solution?

When choosing the right access control solution for your business, consider whether a cloud-based or “hosted” solution best fits your needs. With a hosted solution, everything from data storage to software updates is managed for you and stored on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about manually upgrading the technology yourself.

In addition to being easy to maintain, hosted solutions are also more reliable than traditional access control. With a hosted solution, you can rest assured that your security system is backed up.

How Scalable Is This Solution?

Security technology is continually improving as new software is developed. Likewise, your business is far from dormant; it’s a growing entity that transforms all the time. For these reasons, it’s important to choose an access control solution that can grow with your business and adapt to new technologies.

Does This Solution Provide Mobile Access?

It’s clear that technology of all types has gone mobile. This is great news for businesses looking to monitor the security of their facilities at a moment’s notice. With mobile integration, you can check on your business anytime, anywhere, from virtually any device.

Look for an access control solution that can be used across both desktop and mobile platforms and can be integrated with any technology you already have. Flexibility is key. Choose a solution with mobile integration that works on a variety of devices – both iOS and Android, for example.

Who Will Service My Security System?

You rely on your access control system to help keep your business safe. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a provider with a proven reputation and the ability to reliably service your products.

Access control technology involves sophisticated equipment and complex software that needs to be regularly updated as developers make improvements. To help ensure your business stays secure, it’s important to choose a security provider that acts as a strategic partner, rather than just a vendor, to help ensure your equipment will continue to function at optimal performance long after it’s initially installed.


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