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Interchangeable Core (SFIC)



Establishing realistic security and access goals are the first steps for every organization which is considering the installation of an integrated access control system. In establishing these goals, two questions representing two different extremes must be considered: do you prefer “highly controlled access” or do you need “convenient access?”?

Fortunately, with C & I, this is not an either/or proposition; you can truly have the best of both. “Highly controlled access” with our customized master key plan and key control program, and “convenient access” with our interchangeable core. All designed to meet the specific requirements of your office or building.

Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) are available to satisfy any need for patented key control among end users of Best®, Falcon, etc interchangeable core key systems. Schlage offers 7-pin cores in Everest B Family restricted keyways to retrofit Best® and its clones. This is the perfect choice for end users who need patented key control in an SFIC hardware application.

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