How Much Does An Automatic Door Cost?
Written by Brian B

How Much Does An Automatic Door Opener Cost?

An automatic door opener costs an average of $2,122.80 in the U.S. in the year 2021. Prices for this piece of valuable equipment will range from $1,458.25 all the way to $2,787.35.

Automatic Door Opener Costs

Costs for automatic door openers will vary based on a few factors. These factors include door opener style, location of the project, and any extras/upgrades that can be chosen from. Small businesses wishing to add automatic door openers are advised to research all possible styles and costs before choosing a specific model. What features do you want/need from the automatic door opener? Do you wish to make your building accessible to more than just your employees? Plan for making the building accessible for disabled individuals, package deliveries, senior citizens and pets, if necessary.

What Is An Automatic Door Opener?

An automatic door opener is either a pneumatic or electronic device that is retrofitted to an existing door. This can be utilized for a business or home, allowing any doors to be opened or closed automatically. The four sub categories of door openers are motion detector, push buttons, handheld controls, and a combination of the previous three. Typically, automatic door openers will be divided into residential or commercial categories. These categories are crucial when it comes to determining costs.

Typical push-button versions:


Automatic Door Opener Benefits

Anyone entering a small or large business will love seeing that they have the option of using an automatic door opener. In high-traffic places like large businesses or churches, automatic door openers are essential. They help keep traffic flowing, entering and exiting the building. Being able to bundle these openers with other technologies, such as an alarm system is another plus. Additionally, general maintenance costs are extremely low over the long lifetime of these products.

Automatic Door Opener Installation

Again, there are several variables here that can influence cost. Installation prices will depend on operator brand, additional or existing features of the door opener and company performing the installation. For example, C&I Show, located in Tempe and Prescott, AZ, will typically charge an average of $2,200 for a commercial automatic door opener installation. This is a very fair price when considering C&I Show Hardware and Security Systems, Inc. has been a leader in selling and installing automatic doors for the past three decades. Pneumatic models sold at C&I can last for more than 100 years, making the purchase and installation costs a worthwhile investment.


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