Commercial Wood Doors
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Commercial Wood Doors

Commercial wood doors are always a wise investment. Whether your business is looking for security or simply an aesthetically-pleasing option, commercial wood doors never go out of style. Here is a complete breakdown of costs and benefits of these doors.

Commercial Wood Door Benefits

Safety and security is priority number one for any commercial building. Well, with wood doors you will obtain both goals. Wood doors have consistently scored well against fires. The fire ratings are superb, containing the spread of the fire and controlling the burns. Not only will these doors do well against sudden fires, they are also extremely cheap options on today’s market. Durability is another factor that wood doors possess. Wood doors that are encased in metal frames are particularly strong, and hold up against any inclement weather. Metal frames are extremely useful when the doors are constantly in use.

How about variety when it comes to security door shopping? You will never run out of design options when you opt for wood doors. From schools to hospitals, commercial buildings everywhere consistently choose wood. Did we mention the aesthetically-pleasing part yet? Customize your wood doors in any fashion to ensure the best looking entryway and exits as possible. Wood doors can provide a relaxed feel or even an upscale feel, depending on the desired look of the commercial property. Plus, there is simply no way for wood doors to not appeal to any professional environment.

Other benefits to choosing this type of door include:

Commercial Wood Door Costs

Along with hollow metal doors and steel doors, these wood doors are reliable in every circumstance. Check out full door offerings via C&I Show Security Systems, Inc. Costs of wood doors can certainly vary, with installation added to the expensive. Basic installation costs can range from $500$650. Total cost for the project can start around $800. High-end installation can end up with a price tag nearing $1,200. Most companies will charge by square footage of the door. Average costs go anywhere from $5.75$7.50 per square foot. Door prices, of course, will vary be company, so requesting a few quotes before deciding on a purchase is always recommended. Depending on the type of building your business is located in, door prices could either increase or decrease. Choosing different patterns or adding glass to the door can drive up the price, as well.

Feel free to use this calculator to estimate the cost of your upcoming wood door installation.

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