What is a Biometric Access Control System

What is a Biometric Access Control System?

Biometric access control uses eye scanners, fingerprint readers or hand geometry readers to allow access into your building. Biometric security readers cannot be transferred like keys, cards or number sequences can. The person being granted access must be physically present in order to gain access to your area or building. C&I Show offers professional installation of commercial biometric access control systems.

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What is a Door Access Control System?

A door access control system is one of the most affordable types of commercial access control commonly used in Data centers, Defense, Airports, Homes, Server rooms, Offices, and more according to Elprocus.com. Door access control systems can control access to your home or commercial building with electronic door locks, contactless readers, multi-technology readers, card readers (old technology), and biometric security readers.

The Importance of Access Control Systems

The Importance of Access Control Systems

Access control systems help to keep your information safe from internal and external threats. By using access control for both your physical and computer security you ensure that no one is accessing your private resources this could be ensuring that only IT personnel has access to sensitive information like passwords or HR only can access…

What is Access Control

What is an Access Control System?

Wikipedia defines access control as the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Access Control Systems are used to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas like financial centers, employee records, research facilities or server rooms. There are three classifications of access control Mandatory Access Control, Discretionary Access Control, Role-Based Access Control. These systems…