Security Systems Near Me
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Security Systems Near Me

If you are searching for “security systems near me“, C&I Show Hardware And Security Systems in Phoenix, AZ has you covered! This company currently offers top-notch security systems, including automatic door openers, access control systems and commercial steel doors.

Let’s explore these security systems and the benefits your commercial property can expect!

Commercial Security System Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits associated with installing commercial security systems:

  • Theft And Vandalism Reduction
  • Reinforcement Of Authorized/Unauthorized Areas
  • Faster Response From Authorities
  • Lower Insurance Rates

Employee and outside theft are far too common and problematic in today’s business world. These crimes can cause major financial burdens for property/business owners. Installing security cameras, for example, will not only provide proof of the crime, the very presence of the cameras are likely to deter the thief from even attempting the crime.

Most businesses will include areas where public access is denied. Access control systems will allow you to control who has access to which areas in the building. This will give you peace of mind as the owner, knowing exactly who can and can’t enter an area. Access control systems also allow for removal of access for former employees.

A quicker response from the authorities is one of the biggest benefits of installing security systems. Whenever an alarm is triggered, authorities are alerted immediately to the potential crime taking place. Perpetrators are more likely to be caught, prosecuted and discouraged from even committing the crimes. Without security systems in place, it may be difficult for any employees to contact the authorities during an ongoing theft.

Many insurance companies will offer discounts to businesses that have security systems already in place. Commercial security systems will put properties at a much lower risk of using insurance claims. This, of course, will lead to lower insurance rates.

Types Of Security Systems

These are the most popular types of security systems offered at C&I. Learn how access control systems, automatic door openers and commercial steel doors can keep your property safe from crime right here.

Types Of Commercial Security Systems

Access Control Systems

There are actually three different types of access control:

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Mandatory Access Control is the highest level of access control, usually utilized in government and/or military facilities. Security policies are set in place for classifications of access. Role-Based Access Control is the most requested access control system because of its level of security and affordable price. With this control system, users have the ability to set security preferences. The lowest level of access control is the Discretionary Access Control. Just like the Role-Based Access Control, the user is free to set security preferences with the Discretionary Access Control.

Read more about access control systems right here.

How Much Do Access Control Systems Cost?

Lowest Cost: $1,700

Average Cost: $3,000

Highest Cost: $4,300

*Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote for your access control system. Contact C&I Show Hardware & Security today to get an actual quote for your access control system installation.

Automatic Door Openers

An automatic door opener is either a pneumatic or electronic device that is retrofitted to an existing door. This can be utilized for a business or home, allowing any doors to be opened or closed automatically. The four sub categories of door openers are motion detector, push buttons, handheld controls, and a combination of the previous three. Typically, automatic door openers will be divided into residential or commercial categories. These categories are crucial when it comes to determining costs.

How Much Does An Automatic Door Opener Cost?

Lowest Cost: $1,458.25

Average Cost: $2,122.80

Highest Cost: $2,787.35

Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial steel door installation costs will vary based on a few factors. Size, location and type of steel door used can all cause the price to either increase or decrease. One of the most common types of steel doors used in commercial buildings is the fire-rated steel door. These doors are the best choice for any valuable commercial property. Fire-rated steel doors will help minimize any property damage and control the spread of any fire. These doors are becoming a very popular alternative to the old, classic wooden doors.

How Much Does A Commercial Steel Door Cost?

Average Cost: $1,024

Best Security Systems In Arizona

Based in the Phoenix Area, C&I Show Hardware And Security Systems has been providing the valley of the sun with top-notch security systems for nearly four decades! Their knowledgeable staff can provide the best possible solutions for your industrial and commercial needs.

C&I offers high-tech security systems, which include access control, badge readers, interchangeable door locks with master keys, and door lock sets. The trained professionals will evaluate your valuable commercial property to see which security systems are best for you.

C&I Show Security Systems Offers Access Control System Installation in Phoenix, AZ

C&I Show Security Systems is a GSA Contract Holder providing ADA Power Operations throughout the Phoenix, Arizona valley. Click here to see a full list of commercial access control systems we offer.

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