Access Control Systems Cost
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Access Control Systems Cost 2020

The average cost for access control systems is $3,350 per door, according to KISIBlog. Prices can range all the way from $2,400-$4,300 per door in the year 2020, with installation of a door reader and hardware on a door with existing locks. Of course, this estimate includes the price of a basic door license, which generally costs $600 per year. There are several ways to save on costs, though. Keep reading for a full breakdown of access control system costs.

Access Control System Cost

If you are installing an access control system with locks already in place, you can save money. Most installations will hit the low end of the average costs, typically running around $2,500 per door with existing locks. Prices can range from $1,700-$3,300 when locks are already on the door. This price range also includes the $600 basic door license.

*Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote for your access control system. Contact C&I Show Hardware & Security today to get an actual quote for your access control system installation.

What Is An Access Control System?

There are actually three different types of access control:

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Mandatory Access Control is the highest level of access control, usually utilized in government and/or military facilities. Security policies are set in place for classifications of access. Role-Based Access Control is the most requested access control system because of its level of security and affordable price. With this control system, users have the ability to set security preferences. The lowest level of access control is the Discretionary Access Control. Just like the Role-Based Access Control, the user is free to set security preferences with the Discretionary Access Control.

Read more about access control systems right here.

C&I Show Security Systems Offers Access Control System Installation in Phoenix, AZ

C&I Show Security Systems is a GSA Contract Holder providing ADA Power Operations throughout the Phoenix, Arizona valley. Click here to see a full list of commercial access control systems we offer.

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